Salaam Alaikum prints

Sahar Muradi and I’s collaborative prints will be exhibited at Bethany Arts Community. The exhibit will run from May 12 through June 10, 2018.

“Salaam Alaikum” is a series of monotypes drawing lines from Muradi’s eponymous poem, which is concerned with how daily greetings take on new tenor in times of war. Here, greetings in Dari are layered with transliterations in English. Lines from the poem are in conversation with the meaning of the greetings. For example, “manda nabasheyn” is an expression of welcome that literally translates to “may you not be tired.” Whereas the full poem takes a dark turn with the arrival of war, in these excerpts we are interested in the interchange and play of languages, hand stenciled shapes, and colors—meeting, caressing, layering, as our languages do for each of us.

Find out more about the exhibit here (Not) Staying Still