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  • BIG cherry blossom book

    BIG cherry blossom book

    handmade artist’s book; linen bookcloth cover is dyed with avocado seeds, pages are woodblock printed with watercolors on natural Kitakata paper

  • cherry blossom spring 22

    cherry blossom spring 22

    Printed an edition of cherry blossoms for this year! There are 7 prints (edition of 7). Each one is hand-printed and a little different (a variable edition). I am selling these prints. If you’re interested in purchasing one, fill out the contact form.

  • cherry blossom

    cherry blossom

    Woodblock print on Okawara paper, 12 x 12 inches, August 2020, Edition: 5 This woodblock print was made with watercolors, using traditional Japanese Mokuhanga techniques.

  • Apartment Still Life

    Pencil, tea, watercolor on paper. 2012

  • Mural

    “They will be greeted by flowers…”, watercolor on Arches Watercolor Paper, 4 foot x 5 foot and 5 inches

  • Newspaper Montages

    Newspaper Montages

    Inkjet prints with gouache, tea, spice and glitter on Rives BFK Paper. 30″ x 22″. 2010

  • Portrait Play

    Photo lithograph prints with tea wash and mixed media. Plate Dimension, 15″ x 35″. 2009